May 17, 2020

Why Updating your Bathroom is Perfect During Covid19

Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling

The war against coronavirus has been a tough and challenging battle on different fronts, including home renovation. Now, each one of us is regularly washing and cleaning everything to reduce the risk of infection. This has made the bathroom one of the most frequented rooms in our home. Therefore, it is essential to keep the bathroom looking at its best and one way to do that is by getting a full-scale bathroom to remodel

phoenix bathroom remodeling

If you live in the Phoenix area and are looking to update your bathroom during Covid19, Luxury Remodels Company is one of the highest-rated Phoenix bathroom remodeling contractors.  We have the necessary workforce, skill, and safety measures in place to help make your vision of transforming your bathroom during this difficult time come true. Are you wondering why you need to remodel your bathroom now? The following are three main reasons why this is the time to get your bathroom remodeling project going is now.
Change and Innovation
The pandemic has warranted the need for adjustments to ensure the protection and safety of everyone in your household. Things such as sensor taps will come in handy in reducing the level of contact. This is especially true for households accommodating more than one person. Also, those in homes that have half-equipped alternate bathrooms should consider getting a remodel to make every bathroom in the house self-sufficient. This way, if anyone in the house requires self-isolation or is sick, they will not mingle with others. This reduces the risk of infection significantly.
Failure of Current Designs The pandemic has revealed a lack in the design of most bathrooms, both in public and in residences. For instance, if you install sensory taps in the bathroom, people still have to touch doorknobs and handles. Thus, you should invest now in your bathroom remodeling project so that we can help you install a better handwashing solution for all sinks throughout your home or business. This will be beneficial both and in the future long after the pandemic has ended. Time Availability For some people, staying home has come with an increased sense of creativity, and ideas on how you want your house to look are seeping through every waking moment. You have the time to communicate what you want with Luxury Remodels Company and we will work with you to actualize your vision. Furthermore, you will be involved with the project as much or as little as you wish, offering input, and approving each phase as we progress. Need Basis phoenix bathroom remodelingCOVID19 caught most of us off guard. We were quick to learn more and react by putting new processes and safeguards in place for our staff, contractors, and customers. The business hasn’t changed for us and your dreams of having your Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling project completed. Home-owners may look at bathroom renovation as a simple task that they can handle on their own. However, if you are want to get exceptional quality and the best results, hire a professional company that is certified with years of experience. That company is non-other than Luxury Remodels Company. We provide an unparalleled experience, exceptional quality of work, and cost-effective solutions to our clients even during COVID19. Hire us today and find out for yourself.
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