January 6, 2022

Top Five Trends for Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale


As we approach the 2022 remodeling season, it’s hard to overlook the influence the past two years have had on how we live and work in our culinary space. Whether zooming into work from our kitchen island or breaking bread at the counter while Facetiming with family and friends, the pandemic has changed our social habits, our baking and home cooking habits, and our priorities.

This has naturally led many Arizonans to eye innovative choices when remodeling their kitchen space. So, what trends do Custom Home Remodelers in Scottsdale and surrounding areas see in store for us in the year ahead?
  1. Colors. While classic whites are still exquisitely in, custom home remodelers in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, Arizona say splashes of color are all the buzz. Think cozy, hospitable, and individualized, with sparks of pigment as subtle as rich blue cabinetry or as bold as bright primary-colored tiles. Why? Homeowners are looking for anything to break the monotony and add a touch of warmth to a room that might’ve felt more practical than comfortable. Add this to a rise in Arizonans looking to bring a touch of the outdoors in, with home remodeling companies noting a stronger demand for shades of green, from earthy to fig, pistachio to woodsy—even retro turquoise.
  1. Naturals. Remodeling contractors in Phoenix, Arizona are also noticing a surge in demand for natural materials that impart that sense of hominess and wellbeing. This might come from the natural grains of wood to smooth marble surfaces. And lest we forget our view of nature right outside our window, with many homeowners looking for a better view out of, and a way to bring natural sunlight into, the kitchen—whether through extra-large windows or skylights.
  1. Metals. We’ve come a long way since the green and pink appliances of the 1950s, the yellow and beige aesthetic of the 1970s, and the stark whites of the 1980s and 1990s. Today’s refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, and home appliances now come in a range of creative colors and metals that delve beyond stainless steel. In fact, home remodeling companies from Paradise Valley to Scottsdale say stainless black is the in-look right now along with retro painted Smeg appliances, even copper.
  1. Tiles. With families more focused on indoor activities, cottage comfort is making a big comeback. Tiles today, say home remodeling companies, are all about reflection and charm. This means glosses and glazes along with homemade tiles that provide unique shapes and quaint irregularities.
  1. Pets. A big part of what makes our home “home” is the love and affection we get from our pets. But bowls can sometimes get in our foot space. That’s why kitchen and whole house remodeling contractors in Arizona are being asked to integrate built-in storage spaces for pet food, supplies, and accessories. Easily create a more pet-friendly space with hidden drawers that pull out to reveal food and water dishes. You can also opt for laminated flooring, which resists damage from spills and scratches.
  Are you ready to plan your kitchen remodel? Home renovation companies in Scottsdale can help you design and upgrade your kitchen while incorporating the latest trends.
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