July 25, 2016

Phoenix Home Improvement Scams to Avoid


So you are ready for a Phoenix home improvement project and you are really excited about it. You have been saving up for this big moment. All that is left is to choose your Phoenix home improvement contractor. If this is your first adventure with a home remodeling project, then you may not know how to go about avoiding Phoenix home renovation scammers.

Some Actions That May Raise Some “Beware” Signs

Normally home improvement contractors do not go door to door soliciting business. That doesn’t mean that they may not have someone canvas the area dropping off flyers. Or, it could be that they are working on a home in your area and are reaching out to some of the other homes in the neighborhood. If this is the case, you can definitely check out the work they have done to your neighbors home. Plus, you can get some feedback from them. However, you want to make sure that it is the same company that is soliciting to you as those that performed the work.

There are some home improvement scammers that will come to your door. They begin by telling you that they were providing home renovation services in the area and have some extra materials left over. They are prepared to give you a good price utilizing these leftover materials. A reputable Phoenix home renovation company would not conduct business in this manner.

Other Phoenix Home Improvement Scams to Be On the Lookout For

Then you may get the hardcore home renovation sales pitch where the guy at your door is telling you that they have a great deal for your Phoenix home improvement but it’s only for today, so sign on the dotted line. This is a huge “red flag” that you really need to be aware of. The established Phoenix home renovation contractors may offer special pricing. However, that would only be done if and when providing you with a legitimate quote on the home improvement project that you were interested in.

Then there will be the door to door home improvement person who will try to con you into financing your project. They start by telling you they have an associate that does this. Again, this is huge indicator of buyer beware. There are some reputable Phoenix home improvement companies that do have financing in place. However, it is done through the proper financial channels and institutions.

Turn to the Professionals for Your Phoenix Home Improvement Project

While this is all pretty scary don’t put yourself in this position. Give us a call here at the Luxury Remodels Company. Let’s arrange a Free no obligation quote for your Phoenix home improvement needs. We service Phoenix and the surrounding areas with home renovation services that are done with impeccable workmanship at affordable prices.
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