October 19, 2017

You Need to Add a Wrap Around Porch to Your Scottsdale Home!


Have you ever considered a wrap around porch as part of your Scottsdale home? If not, you need to. The weather of the area begs for you to be able to go out and enjoy it. Even when the springtime rain hits, or the late summer bugs are at an all-time high, you can sit out there and be comfortable. Here are some of the benefits of adding a wrap around porch to your home. You may notice by adding this simple amenity, you love your Scottsdale home even more!

You Have a Perfectly Shaded Retreat with a Wrap Around Porch

When you add a wrap around porch to your Scottsdale home, you get a perfectly shaded retreat. This means you can go outside any time of the day, and relax. Since the porch goes around the house, if one area is brightly lit, you can use one of the other areas instead. That way, you can enjoy the warm day, without the sun directly in your eyes. No need to put on sunscreen if you are in the shade!

Bugs Are a Thing of the Past If You Screen In Your Wrap Around Porch

If you go through and screen in your wrap around porch, you no longer need to worry about bugs. There could be bees, mosquitos, or flies buzzing around. However, they will not bug you if you are inside the screen, since they will remain on the outside. Plus, if anyone in your home has a bug allergy, it can help keep them safe while allowing them to enjoy being outdoors.

Weather Is Not a Factor When Entertaining At Your Scottsdale Home

When you like to entertain guests at your Scottsdale home, you often have to hope for a nice day. If it gets too hot out or if it rains, this can put a kink in your plans. If you entertain on your wrap around porch, then your Scottsdale home no longer needs to worry about that. Bring on the rain because you and your guests will be safe. Just stay under the roofline of your home, and have fun!

When you are ready to add a porch to your Scottsdale home, call the folks here at Luxury Remodels Company ™. We can help you come up with the perfect wrap around porch style to complement your Scottsdale home!

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