April 21, 2020

Money Saving Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

Decorating Ideas for your Bathroom

Today we want to share with you some great money-saving decorating ideas for your bathroom.  Decorating your bathroom can be fun and exciting.  You can do it yourself or have a professional bathroom remodeling contractor such as Luxury Remodels Company assist you.  A bathroom is a place of solace that you spend quite of bit of time in every single day.  The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what’s important to you.  Your bathroom is a place to unwind and also recharge, therefore having space where you feel comfortable and relaxed is vital.  Once you figure this out, it will be easy to lay out a game plan for decorating..

Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

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So, where to start? Most people decide on a color scheme first.  Depending on the type of look that you are going for you might have to decide on painted walls, tile, or perhaps even wallpaper.   A complete bathroom renovation can be pricey, however, there are simple changes that can be made which can improve the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some small and relatively improvements that can add a modern feel, with a stylish design.


1- Large Mirror

The size of your mirror in the bathroom can make such a difference to the overall design, a mirror really opens up the space you are working with – placing the mirror opposite a natural light source creates an illusion of more space within the bathroom. Many wall-mounted LED mirrors look amazing and are quite inexpensive under $200.  Such a mirror will complement contemporary and modern decors.  Lighting effects can create a unique vibe throughout your bathroom.

2- Pay Attention to Details

What will truly make your bathroom stand out are the accessories which will really give your bathroom a sense of style.  Details such as tap fittings can simply update the look of your basin or bath.

You have the option to choose a traditional style to have a more contemporary design or a more polished finish for a luxurious touch. Ensure that all your fittings match, this will transform your bathroom.

Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

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3- Add A Luxurious Towel Warmer

When winter is approaching, there is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower into a warm bathroom and towel.  A towel warmer is great to warm-up your space.  This style of the radiator can also maximize floor space as it can be positioned anywhere within the bathroom.

Implementing a radiator into your bathroom will automatically update the room, choosing the right one will determine your style. If you choose to have a stainless-steel radiator within your bathroom, you will find that the reflective surface gives a polished finish.

4- Add Decorative Shower Curtains

Bathroom shower curtains come in various designs, colors, and sizes to suit all your needs. You can even get customized bathroom shower curtains of your selected fabric, design, color, and size.

For example, if your bathroom has a high ceiling then you may require an extra-long shower curtain. The choice of bathroom shower curtains is completely personal and may vary according to your requirement.   So what if you have an all-glass shower?  Not to worry as you can always decorate the glass with a cool shower screen, colored tint, or order decorative glass.  We hope you liked our article about affordable ways to decorate your bathroom.

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