Indeed, a very satisfactory experience from Becky and herdesign team. They had offered me s great deal and delivered an excellent workmanship. Prices were really fair with no additional charges and a hard selling. I am super excited to use their services again in the future.

Walker B Avatar
Walker B

What an awesome whole house remodeling they had done. It was the superb experience ever. We would love to hire them again.

Lawrence Butler Avatar
Lawrence Butler

Recently, I had shifted to a new apartment with my wife and two kids. But I didn’t like the kitchen and bathroom there. Then I had decided to hire the renovation contractors of Luxury remodels. They were immensely professional, highly skilled craftsmen who very well know how to execute their work. End results were of A++ quality. My family members and I strongly recommend their kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to everyone.

Monica Verbenska Avatar
Monica Verbenska

It is quite hard to find the perfect bathroom remodelers during these uncertain times like Covid 19. But Luxury remodels were absolutely perfect in the renovation of my bathroom. I am extremely pleased with the end results and with the beautiful master bathroom. Everything was beyond my imaginations and all this is possible because of this company. Thanks a lot guys that you had helped me in such a scenario!!

Jean Hansen Avatar
Jean Hansen

It’s a fantastic company. They successfully met all the expectations by giving us an outstanding customer service. We just had our bathroom remodeled and we just LOVE, LOVE our new bathroom. Very satisfactory experience with these guys.

Mark Smith Avatar
Mark Smith

Last month, Luxury Remodels did a plenty of simple upgrades in my bathroom by installing some elegant blue tiles with some recessed panel cabinets and a tempered glass, frameless shower enclosure and hinged shower door which was giving my bathroom a gorgeous look. So thankful to luxury models and their team members.

Foster Mercer Avatar
Foster Mercer

We hired Luxury remodels large addition, and redone entire exterior of our house. Their crew members as always took care of each and every precise detail and ensure us that we will be 100% satisfied from their work. They also sent me before and after pictures so that we can easily notice the difference. The outcome was so beautiful that I can’t explain enough. The added 600SF of living space, new doors, the new stucco, kitchen, storage, and bathroom everything was up to the mark. Great company!!

Caden Thomas Avatar
Caden Thomas

Luxury Remodels have provided us with an amazing service in a very short span of time which was totally unexpected. I felt like we are in a brand new home. Their interior designers were very skilled and have a great sense of what your goals are, and how to design and renovate the house beautifully. Initially, they have divided the entire renovation process into sub plan so that they have a greater focus and can renovate my house more effectively. Overall, it was a great pleasure to work with them.

Michael Dugan Avatar
Michael Dugan

From our very first meeting with Scott & Becky, I experienced excellent customer service. The entire Luxury Remodels team was awesome. They were all great to work with. Planning & design went exceptionally well. They remodeled my master bedroom and bath, plus my office which consisted of a new floor, large custom desk and decorations. The work done was of the highest quality and I couldn't be happier. I have worked with various contractors in Arizona before, but this was an exceptional experience. I was really happy with the work done and highly recommend them to anyone looking to update their home.

Robert Jennings Avatar
Robert Jennings

Remodelling any part of your home can be more tedious than it seems. Especially if your home is an older, with bad and not functional floor plan like ours. And in some instances, a simple paint job might not be enough, we had explored that option a few times before we had Luxury Remodels contracted for the design and build work. Turns out it was Luxury we needed after all. They came up with the most creative designs for our new spaces and unbelievably functional kitchen and gave our entire home perfect facelift. All personnel were very professional. We liked working with Becky and her team.

George Sowell Avatar
George Sowell
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