Remodelling any part of your home can be more tedious than it seems. Especially if your home is an older, with bad and not functional floor plan like ours. And in some instances, a simple paint job might not be enough, we had explored that option a few times before we had Luxury Remodels contracted for the design and build work. Turns out it was Luxury we needed after all. They came up with the most creative designs for our new spaces and unbelievably functional kitchen and gave our entire home perfect facelift. All personnel were very professional. We liked working with Becky and her team.

George Sowell Avatar
George Sowell

If you are considering remodelling of your home, I would definitely recommend Luxury Remodels. They have completed the all work as promised, on time and on budget, and we have been recommending them since.

Joseph Parker Avatar
Joseph Parker

What amazed me most in the course of our work with Luxury Remodels was the warmth of their staff. All of them treated me very nicely and were always willing to help whenever I needed any help with understanding any part of the project. Lauren’s ideas were also very creative and unique. At the end of the project, they had my kitchen and all baths looking so new, I almost could not recognize it. Definitely an experience worth bragging about. Please try them out and you won’t be disappointed!

Nicole Maranzani Avatar
Nicole Maranzani

My husband and I had considered selling our house on multiple occasions, especially considering that our kids had moved out and it was beginning difficult to maintain the house. All our children had moved out and the kitchen and some other parts of the house were looking old and bad. We learned about Luxury Remodels from a friend and decided to give them a try. They were very creative with our home and now, most of the spaces are looking as good as new. So now, it almost feels like my husband Paul and I are in a new home. Thank you Luxury Remodels Team!

Sophia Gordons Avatar
Sophia Gordons

We contacted Luxury Remodels to upgrade 2 bathrooms and a master bedroom (his/her closet) that wasn't as functional as we liked. I have to say that the entire experience was exceptional. From the initial call to visiting our home and putting together the necessary agreement went well. We had no idea of the importance of the design and how it can sometimes be complicated but they navigated through all of it quickly and to our satisfaction. Our project manager Sean has a wealth of experience and made sure that the project was completed within the time frame initially agreed upon. My wife loved working with Mina. Who knew a closet could be decorated but it really does look amazing as do both of our bathrooms that have new flooring, all new plumbing fixtures and a separate bath and walk-in shower. We've waited over 10 years to get this upgraded and it was definitely worth hiring these guys. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to renovate their home.

Dennis Brown Avatar
Dennis Brown

Working with Luxury Remodels Company has been a great experience and worth every penny. Our kitchen remodel went very smoothly. Stephen and Becky really listened to what we wanted from the kitchen floor plan and new island to the flooring and decorative light fixtures. Our updated kitchen looks stunning and greatly surpassed our expectations. Their crew is very experienced and professional. No problems whatsoever. Give these guys a call if you need expert contractors to update your home.

Dale Dennison Avatar
Dale Dennison

I have found Luxury Remodels online when I was searching for possible ways to make our kitchen look new again. I had read some amazing articles about that general contractor. I just decided to give them a try with the hopes that at least they’d be able to work something out with the kitchen layout. But what I saw after the project totally surprised me. But this was not even the most amazing part. From the very beginning of the project, the Luxury Remodels team was very warm and they treated me very nicely. They also carried me through every step of the way. I’d definitely recommend Luxury Remodels if you’re looking at remodelling any part of your home.

Robin Greene Avatar
Robin Greene

For the best value remodeling, we just suggest everyone give a chance to Luxury Remodels. They provided us with the best selections and design within our budget. Give them a chance, and notice yourself the magic that they will add to your space. Highly recommended!

Francisco Ross Avatar
Francisco Ross

We hired a Luxury Remodeling Company last year, for small construction work that our back patio needed. Although they said they don’t do small jobs, they finally agreed. They did all the work with great finishing and treated us like we were large job, same big attention to details. They arranged all the vendors and all work was completed on time and on budget. We just loved the way they work and treat their customers. You don’t need to be rich and you still get royalty treatment from them. Very nice! Thank you!

Warren Rice Avatar
Warren Rice

We want to fully redesign our 45 years old house and reconstruct it as per the new trends and architecture. Luxury Remodeling Company helped us plan all that and within no time the construction work was started as planned. I was busy with some important work and so I couldn't inspect the work much during the vast majority of the construction period. Their online software system is a blast, as I was traveled out of the country I was able to see daily progress and see all communication in one simple app. They understood all my requirements so well that the rebuild structure is looking so beautiful. They managed everything so wonderfully, I recommend everyone to hire them and use their superb services.

Betty Collins Avatar
Betty Collins
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