August 18, 2022

How a Multipurpose Home Extension Can Grow Along with You


Ask home remodeling contractors in Phoenix, Arizona what’s popular and one thing you’ll hear time and time again is the modern multipurpose extension. Why? Because a home extension is a blank canvas suitable for any use you choose. Step outside of the traditional living and family rooms that offer little to no flexibility and make way for a modern extended space that can ebb and flow to accommodate each age and phase.

Imagine, first, that you’re looking to squeeze fitness into your busy lifestyle. While a sophisticated home gym might’ve seemed a figment of a more affluent lifestyle in decades past, it’s now a cost-saving essential for homeowners who might already be investing thousands of dollars on gym membership fees. As opposed to paying for the use of shared fitness equipment, Phoenix homeowners could shift those funds into building an adaptable extension that can act as their home gym. Not only could you save on membership dues but you’re also eliminating the time that’s squandered on a frustrating commute while uncluttering any other living areas of random dumbbells and yoga mats.

Your new open and adaptable floor plan can elegantly house today’s gym equipment while still allowing for transformation of the same space down the road. Easily design with flexibility in mind, considering the best views and the types of windows you’ll always want to gaze out. Repaint to suit any whim you choose. A local contractor in Phoenix, Arizona can help you plan and construct an adaptable extension that could, in time or with new ownership, repurpose to outfit a completely different use.

Like, say, a modern home office for professionals who need to Zoom into work exclusively or periodically. Unclutter that dining room table and sink into the privacy of your own working space. Those same bright windows used to energize a gym can brighten the longest day of video conferencing. Just add a credenza, bookshelf, or stylish backdrop along with your naturally charismatic presence. Then once you reach retirement, you can shift the same space into a hobby room or creative studio with a sewing machine and table, photography equipment and lights, musical instruments—even easels and painting supplies.

Imagine what your new extension could become:

  • An energetic home gym
  • A private home office
  • A fully stocked hobby room
  • A game room complete with pool table
  • A woodworking shop
  • An extra bedroom for guests
  • An indoor green room with grow lights
  • A media room or home theater
  • A music studio
  • A kids play room
  • A library or reading room

A home extension planned carefully and with the guidance of an expert, such as Luxury Remodels Company, can carry you through the many years and decades to come.

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