How to Choose a Home Renovation Contractor in Phoenix, Arizona

A professional renovation can make your home feel luxurious while boosting the value of your property. But shoddy craftsmanship can lead to the exact opposite. So how do you go about locating the right remodeling contractor for the job? Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll want to consider as you get started.

Four Considerations Before Remodeling Your Phoenix Kitchen

With homes in historic demand across Phoenix, Arizona, many new home owners are buying properties with less than stellar kitchens in the hopes of hiring Luxury Remodels Company or a local kitchen remodeling contractor to renovate once they’ve moved in. Certainly, the benefits to remodeling on your terms are immense, from choosing your own cabinetry

How a Multipurpose Home Extension Can Grow Along with You

Ask home remodeling contractors in Phoenix, Arizona what’s popular and one thing you’ll hear time and time again is the modern multipurpose extension. Why? Because a home extension is a blank canvas suitable for any use you choose. Step outside of the traditional living and family rooms that offer little to no flexibility and make

Should you remodel or rebuild from scratch?

Whether looking for improved functionality in your kitchen or added space to house a growing family, many home owners reach a point in their lives where they contemplate the pros and cons to either building a new home or remodeling the one they’re in. So let’s take a look at some of the things you

Supply Chain Issues Drive Workarounds in Residential Construction

Not only has the price of products like lumber, steel, and building materials gone up but home builders are also waiting longer to receive orders due to lingering supply chain issues. Since this has led to bottlenecks during a busy home renovation season, some savvy architects and designers have found creative workarounds to manage this

Top Five Trends for Kitchen Remodeling in Scottsdale

As we approach the 2022 remodeling season, it’s hard to overlook the influence the past two years have had on how we live and work in our culinary space. Whether zooming into work from our kitchen island or breaking bread at the counter while Facetiming with family and friends, the pandemic has changed our social

Why Updating your Bathroom is Perfect During Covid19

Phoenix Bathroom Remodeling The war against coronavirus has been a tough and challenging battle on different fronts, including home renovation. Now, each one of us is regularly washing and cleaning everything to reduce the risk of infection. This has made the bathroom one of the most frequented rooms in our home. Therefore, it is essential

4 Significant Changes in Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling During Corona Virus

Phoenix kitchen remodeling during Corona Virus? For most people, the duration of this pandemic is the first time you have been in the house for such a long time. This may have come with a realization that some parts of your home are not as perfect as you always thought they were. This, in turn,

5 Modern Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen

Modern Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen A beautiful, spacious, and well-furnished kitchen gives a glimpse into the personified insight of the homeowners. We all see contemporary kitchens equipped with the latest fixtures and fittings, stylish tiling, and elegant cutlery and appliances in magazines, television, and even at homes of people we visit. Getting a makeover

Money Saving Decorating Ideas for Your Bathroom

Decorating Ideas for your Bathroom Today we want to share with you some great money-saving decorating ideas for your bathroom.  Decorating your bathroom can be fun and exciting.  You can do it yourself or have a professional bathroom remodeling contractor such as Luxury Remodels Company assist you.  A bathroom is a place of solace that