August 18, 2022

Four Considerations Before Remodeling Your Phoenix Kitchen

Considerations Before Remodeling:

With homes in historic demand across Phoenix, Arizona, many new home owners are buying properties with less than stellar kitchens in the hopes of hiring Luxury Remodels Company or a local kitchen remodeling contractor to renovate once they’ve moved in.

Certainly, the benefits to remodeling on your terms are immense, from choosing your own cabinetry to adding storage that suits your culinary style. But before you embark on a new kitchen remodeling project, let’s take a look at a few things that can make your project a smashing success.
  1. Set a realistic budget. Professional kitchen remodeling contractors will tell you upfront that remodels are large, complex, and the most costly of all rooms. So it’s important to do your due diligence and set a realistic budget that aligns with your goals. Consider the level of upgrade you want—basic, mid-range, or high-end. Then cost that out and add another 10 to 20 percent on top of your estimate to cover any unplanned expenses or add-ons. Always expect the unexpected because it’s pretty common for a project of this scope to run over schedule or budget—from added labor and materials to higher than normal shipping and delivery fees. The greater the financial cushion you have, the more satisfying the outcome will be.
  1. Be practical. It’s easy to get enamored by aesthetics only to lose sight of functionality and practicality. After all, who doesn’t want an impressive-looking kitchen? Still, it’s crucial to take a balanced approach. For instance, are you in need of upper cabinetry even though you’d aesthetically prefer a white wall adorned in subway tile? Consider how you’ll use your space, how much storage you’ll need, and how long you’ll be living there. If you’re swapping old cabinetry with new or changing the complete floorplan, consider the classic work triangle for optimal practicality and functionality. This sets your sink, stove, and refrigerator at each tip of the triangle, ideally with all three legs not to exceed 26 feet.
  1. Work with a designer or architect. A professional can help you plan your space while recommending strategies for reaching your goals. When hiring a designer or architect, create a wish list that’s segmented into wants and needs. Some home owners find it helpful, as well, to save pictures of kitchens and materials they like along with the types of styles they don’t. And last but not least, keep in mind the length of time you plan to live in your remodeled space. Are you hoping to boost resale value with a low-budget upgrade or are you customizing it all right down to that dog food cabinet?
  1. Visit showrooms. Take a look at kitchen remodeling showrooms in and around Phoenix to better determine cost. Here, you can talk with experts who can best assess what you’ll need and explain any options you might not have considered. This not only provides design inspiration but can also help in narrowing down some of the finer points, like the types and costs of various faucets, hardware, cabinetry, and countertops.
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