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Commercial Buildings & Tenant Improvements

We are a locally owned and operated full service remodeling and construction management company as well as the General Contractor. Luxury Remodels will take care of the entire commercial building or tenant improvement process for you. Our expert team will assist you with the design and layout planning of the building, interior design, budget planning, and implement the construction process from start to finish using our in-house remodeling contractors. We are an Arizona State, fully licensed and bonded, Commercial General Contractor and Commercial Electrical Contractor

Construction services that we offer in Phoenix metro area, Scottsdale and surrounding areas to our clients include everything from architectural designing of your project, interior design, creating construction budgets, permitting and construction build out.

Along access to our online project management and collaboration platform, you will have a dedicated manager on the project from construction to completion.

All of the project expenses are highly detailed in our online project management platform. This eliminates unwelcome surprises and arguments later in the project. Any change order must be approved first before executing any work.

We offer the following services to our business clients:

Office, retail and commercial improvements, Tenant improvement project management, Property upgrades to leasable condition, Architectural design, permitting and code compliance, Installation and relocation of inner walls or partitions, Concrete, Carpentry, Plumbing, Paint and wall coverings, Flooring & Ceiling tile

Our team of experts manages entire process start to finish. 

Pre-Construction Phase includes: Constructibility Review, Design Input, Budgets/Estimates, Value Engineering, Pre-Construction Scheduling, Subcontractor Pre-Qualifications

Construction Phase includes: Quality Control Management, Full-Time Supervision, Document Controls, Cost Control, Safety Controls, Expediting and Scheduling, Subcontractor and Owner Interface,

Post-Construction Phase includes: Warranty Maintenance, One Year Follow-Up Walkthroughs


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As I started my new business, I wanted to reconstruct a space to meet my needs. Luxury Remodels Company was able to assist with the changes I needed so that I could create a business I could be proud of.

Renee – Glendale, AZ

My husband and I decided to expand our business and we needed a much larger space. With the help of Luxury Remodels Company, we were able to complete the expansion in a timely manner and see our sales skyrocket!

Bob – Scottsdale, AZ

For years, I was running my small crafts business within my home. I finally decided to expand and open a storefront. Luxury Remodels Company helped me to find the right spot for my new store, providing a wonderful architectural design and complete the construction process quickly.

Shirley – Scottsdale, AZ

My business space is quite old and was in desperate need of an update. With the help of Luxury Remodels Company, I had the right team working with me to see the remodel completed, on time and on budget.

Carissa – Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to give my business a facelift and called Luxury Remodels. It was the best thing I could have done. They are one of the best Phoenix general contractors for businesses for a reason!

Jane – Phoenix, AZ

Today, my business looks and operates better than it ever has. Thank you, guys!

Jordan – Phoenix, AZ

I am able to take on new employees thanks to the addition I had made to my commercial property. If it wasn’t for Luxe Remodels, I would still be trying to do everything myself. 

Billy – Gilbert, AZ

Our business took off faster than we anticipated, so we had to customize our business after the fact. Thankfully, the team was able to keep up with our demands. 

Alex – Phoenix, AZ

It was important to us to have a business that was handicap accessible. The people at Luxury Remodels made that happen in no time at all. 

Marissa– Scottsdale, AZ

Our business stands out from all of the businesses around us. It is nice to be different in a way that helps our customers find us better. Thanks!

Lilith – Arcadia, AZ


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