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Remodeling your home can improve its style and look, make it more comfortable, increase its value, save energy costs by improving its energy efficiency and make maintenance and upkeep more pain free. Home remodeling in Arizona is a very good investment in your house (which is most peoples  #1 investment) to ensure usefulness, home value and longevity.

At Luxury Remodels Company, we value our clients and are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding their expectations. We can help you through all phases of your project, from budgeting and planning to financing, building and designing. We provide excellent value in products with warranties to match, being a licensed and bonded company. Thus if you ever encounter any problem, we will be there to fix and solve them, even after the job has been finished.

It can be, however, at Luxury Remodels Company we always do more and make a greater effort to carefully seal our work areas, when possible, so that fine debris and dust will be reduced during construction. We always clean up at the end of each day and remove tools and construction materials from your living areas. We endeavor to make our customers as comfortable as possible during the different phases of construction. Depending on the size of the project a full service cleaning team can be scheduled at the completion of the remodel.

First of all, with any project of remodeling, there will be issues or problems that may arise. A good contractor will address these issues quickly. He  or she will come up with a solution, implement it, and the remodeling project will move forward. Be careful if a contractor keeps putting you off when  you try to address any issues.

Yes! Luxury Remodels will help you plan your layout, fixtures, windows, select cabinetry and materials at no additional cost. Moreover, we can provide you a number of exceptional design professionals when needed.

First of all, with any project of remodeling, there may be issues or problems that arise. A good contractor will address these issues quickly. He or she will come up with a solution, implement it and the remodeling project will move forward. Be careful if a contractor keeps putting you off when you try to address issues.

The cost depends on the scope and size for your remodeling project. Age of the infrastructure, the size of the room and the materials chosen can all impact the project cost. Please keep in mind when you are comparing bids that you are evaluating the exact same scope from each contractor. Now, if a price comes in that looks too good to be true, it probably is. How much value will my project add to my house? This also depends on the scope of your remodeling project and you may be amazed which home projects add the most value.

This depends on the scope, how big your project is and what is found during demolition. Unforeseen issues can crop up once the walls are taken down which can require additional work.  Stay in touch with your remodeling contractor and ask him or her for the most reasonable timeframe and as the project progresses, plan for a finish date. Please remember that deviation from the original scope of materials or work needed can, and usually does generate time delays.

Luxury Remodels estimates are accurate and on budget. We take the extra time to give a very detailed estimate in the beginning and do our best to make sure that your project will not go over budget. However, if the project’s parameters change during construction, the customer will receive a change order for approval before we continue.

A change order is a written document signed by the owner of the house to make a change to the project. This document can be dropped off, mailed or emailed to your Arizona local home remodeling company for consideration and approval. All change orders will include a markup for profit and overhead and the cost of the product or service. We try to keep away from change orders if we can, but sometimes changes need to be added or made. Change orders are the best way to protect you as well as the contractor. Also remember that change orders  can often slow the project down.

It’s best to hire a contractor with an established business in your area. Arizona local home remodeling companies can be checked through references from previous clients in your community or via your local better business bureau. Local contractors are compelled to perform high quality work that provides satisfactory results to the customers for their business to survive.You can also contact the Better Business Bureau and the government Consumer Affairs Office to check for complaints on record for the contractor.

We work in various cities of Arizona, focusing on Scottsdale, Arcadia, Biltmore, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Cave Creek, Central Phoenix, Fountain Hills and other surrounding areas depending on the job.

Contact Us! Thank you for considering our Arizona local home remodeling company. Whether your project is small or large, choose the one you can trust-Luxury Remodels Company. We look forward to working with you.

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