July 10, 2016

Extras to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel


Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel Upgrades You Should Consider

When you are planning your Scottsdale kitchen remodel your first focus is going to be on the “must haves” This involves several different categories when it comes to a kitchen renovation. Then there will be some options which will allow you additional upgrades. These are the ones that you have to think about as to whether they are worth the extra cost and what advantages will they bring.

Extra Sink:

Most individuals that live in Scottsdale love to spend time in the kitchen preparing meals for their family as well as entertaining. This makes for a lot of food preparation and often makes having a double sink well worth the little extra space it takes up. However, some of the newer trends now are to have an extra sink location somewhere else within the kitchen. This second sink usually sits outside of the main cooking area.

Where it really comes in handy is where there is normally two cooks in the kitchen. This second sink is not difficult to include with your Scottsdale kitchen remodel as long as you advise your home remodel contractors that this is what you want when in the planning stages of your home project. The second sink really comes in handy for the second cook to use for prepping the foods while staying out of the main cooking area.

Cabinet Embellishments:

While you are going to have a lot of choices for your Scottsdale kitchen cabinets there are some additional touches that sometimes makes a real difference. One of the small issues that comes up with the cabinets is what to do with the exposed ends. Often these are finished with the same materials that the cabinets are made of so they do have a finished look to them. If you want to take it a step further you could have the exposed end embellished with a paneled cabinet end. These basically look like oversized doors but it gives a custom built look to the cabinets.

Soft Close Drawer Slides Full Extension:

The soft close is a great feature and often goes through trends. What is even more significant however is the fully extendable drawers. Being able to reach to the back of the kitchen drawers seems like a small matter but you will find it a real convenience.

Double Ovens:

If you are a cook that really depends on your oven then it might be worth thinking about the double oven option. Again this is something you want to consider during your planning stage and discuss with your Scottsdale home improvement contractor. These normally come built-in since the proper space and wiring requires proper planning.

The Dishwasher

While this is often considered as a “must have” a lot of Scottsdale homeowners don’t like it being so visible. They want it hidden away so it doesn’t take away from the décor of the kitchen, but at the same time want it to be easily accessible and convenient. The solution to this may be a dishwasher in a drawer. Another advantage of these types of dishwashers is that they save on energy. They often come with a upper and lower compartment so you can choose to use only one or both depending on the load size.
These are just a few of the extras to consider for your kitchen remodel for your Scottsdale home. Be sure to ask about our free in home quote so you can discover how affordable we are here at the Luxury Remodels Company.
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