January 27, 2018

Concrete is the Residential Luxury Material of the Future


When it comes to picking the best residential luxury material for your next home or renovation, you may find yourself going in an unexpected direction. That direction is concrete. You read that right – concrete. It is far more versatile than anyone gave it credit for in the past, and it is quickly becoming the material of the future. For anyone considering a luxury renovation, or a complete custom build, you may want to find out more about why concrete is so sought after.

What Makes Concrete the Residential Luxury Material to Use?

There are a bunch of amazing benefits to using concrete as your residential luxury material of choice. First, its longevity. It can last for years, and still, look amazing. The second, its durability. Have you ever tried to break up an old concrete patio and struggled? That’s a testament to just how durable it is. Third, and maybe most importantly, its look. You can mimic nearly any look you want with concrete and still get the other two qualities. There are far more options when using concrete than simply gray. You just need to know what options exist. Finally, you also have its versatility. It can literally be used in any room of your home and look astonishing. If you want a material that can do it all and still be breathtaking, then you want concrete.

Where to Use Concrete in Your Luxury Home

Like we said, this can be used in any part of your home. You obviously can use it as your foundation. However, don’t stop there. You can use concrete in your kitchen as your floor, or you can build with it. There are concrete countertops, concrete cupboards, and even concrete islands you can put in. For bathrooms, you would be sure to have a safe floor if you used concrete in a walk-in shower. Bedrooms can utilize concrete walls, just like living rooms and family rooms. Anywhere you want a modern look or industrial feel would do well with a bit of concrete.

Keep in mind, concrete can easily be painted or tinted if you want the same basic look. You can have highly polished concrete floors with either a full tint or even a paint job over the top. It is just as versatile as other materials, but less costly. Plus, when you consider how long it lasts, you have no reason to use any other residential luxury material. To find out more, give us a call here at Luxury Remodels Company ™ and let us help!
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