August 5, 2016

Choosing The Right Sinks for Your Kitchen Remodel


How to Decide on the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Phoenix Kitchen Remodel

When you are in the planning stages for your kitchen remodel  you will also want to give some consideration to your kitchen sinks. The three things to keep in mind are functionality, durability and style as to how it fits in with the kitchen. Phoenix kitchens have many different styles to them and it can be a challenge to fit the must have kitchen items in with the décor. Fortunately when it comes to kitchen sinks you going to have lots to choose from and most certainly you will find on that fits in with the décor without having to make any compromises when it comes to your kitchen remodel.

The kitchen sink size:

While you want a sink that is really going to make it easy for you to both prepare the foods and then the cleanup afterwards you don’t want one so big that it becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Plus, you don’t want to have to sacrifice too much counter space just to accommodate a large sink. Small kitchens usually do well with a bowl size of 22×24 inch. Larger kitchens can go larger, or if there are two in the kitchen that usually work together then a second smaller or side sink might be a good choice. One of the other choices you will have too is the depths.


You may be surprised to see that sinks now come in different configurations and while you may be intrigued by them you want to be sure that they are really going to serve your purpose. There are those which are called farm house styles. These are really just really large basins but they have a old world look to them which many find appealing. In keeping with the theme of these you can go with the porcelain. However, if you have a modern style kitchen you can still have the farmhouse design but opt for the stainless steel. Then instead of going with the traditional square comprised of four corners for a more sleek look you could choose the rounded corner style.

Single or Double?

Phoenix cooks sure like to do a lot of food preparation and entertaining. You need to decide if you fit into this category is one large sink compared to a smaller double sink the best option. While you can fit more dishes into a bigger sink when cleaning up it does have some downside to it. If the sink is tied up with dishes then its not available for your food preparation.

The Add Ons

Now the kitchen sinks are sold with lots of options or add ons like rinse baskets. So you have these to consider as well, but they usually come with an extra cost.


Here again you are going to have lots of options. However, if you think carefully as to what you choose, your sink options will become clear.


If you are looking for color choices then with this material you will have it. Its vintage all the way. Think about how  your choice now could affect your home into the future.

Stainless Steel

This is really classed as your can’t go wrong material for the Phoenix home kitchens. It is one of the most popular when it comes to a home remodel. It is durable and easy to clean.

Granite or Natural Stone

This is a option that some find intriguing because it fits in beautifully with rustic style kitchens. It is pretty hardy and doesn’t show water spots easily. However, the lighter colors with the granite can develop stains.

The accessories:

This is all the thought that has to go into your kitchen sink with your home remodel. The next consideration is just as important and that’s your faucets.
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