March 7, 2018

Amazing Interior Design Trends for 2019


In an effort to inspire homeowners to give consideration to an interior design overhaul, we wanted to share some amazing interior design trends for 2019 that we’re sure you’ll love. As you wrap up projects for 2018, now is the most perfect time to think about fresh ideas, new styles, and materials that will make your living space shine. In fact, according to a recent report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies, they expect remodeling spending to grow to a whopping $350 billion by the 3rd quarter of 2019. So while old trends fade away, new trends will enter the spotlight. Here’s what the interior design team at Luxury Remodels predict so far.

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Multi-functioning furniture
.  This is definitely among the interior design trends for 2019.  A trend that will be popular with condos and apartments with small spaces.   These types of furnishings can easily fit into challenging rooms where people still want to still have style.  In fact, last year, Pottery Barn launched its small space collection catering to customers who have less space with which to decorate.

Trends are hanging around longer.  Trends right now are lasting longer than in years past. It isn’t so much because designers don’t have fresh ideas, it’s simply because people are busy and don’t have time to change styles every 6 months.

interior design ideas, terrazzoTerrazzo is making a comeback.  This composite material made of granite, glass, quartz, and marble, gives a cool abstracted way to cover everything from flooring to countertops.

High glossy paint.  For those who love bold colors, using high glossy paint on your walls can create a stunning effect. Especially when you use one color for the entire room. High glossy colors such as red, auburn, and yellow are a few that look amazing.

Furniture that influences social engagement

We’ve seen a lot more curved furniture that invites conversation and small-group intimacy imperative for social entertainment.

Sustainable and natural fabrics. Homes all across America are looking at being more conscious about the environmental impacts of traditional fabrics. While this trend hasn’t really hit the mainstream yet, we expect it to be among the top interior design trends of 2019.

interior design trends in 2019Minimalism.  This is a trend that will continue this year. Clear lines and the basic thinking that less is more allows a home to feel more open and less cluttered. Especially in the kitchen.

Inspiration from nature.  Expect upcoming interior design projects to find more inspiration from nature by bringing in different shades of green. Be careful to choose the best way to incorporate these colors. The interior design team of Lux Remodels can help you select the best colors for your next interior design project.

Brass décor.  In the past, most interior designers were focused on stainless steel. We’re making a bet that this year they’ll be more of a focus on brass décor. Brass is a warm but subtle alternative to stainless steel.

Local decorations.  More people are choosing to buy local when it comes to their in-home decorations.  Whereas before the focus was on imported items, people now support those that make items locally.

Wall galleries.  Art has reached a new high of popularity and more people are creating creative and unique wall galleries of their most favorite art pieces. Putting together the perfect wall gallery can take some time and effort. Let our interior design team at Luxury Remodels help put your next wall gallery together.

There will be hundreds of more new trends for 2019 but we hope you enjoyed our list of what we consider to be the most important trends for 2019.

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