April 23, 2016

Affordable Ideas to Update Your Bathroom


Great Ideas to Help You Update Your Bathroom

Small inexpensive changes can go a long way in making your bathroom more functional and beautiful. These small changes, in many ways, represent you and your personality, so when you add them, all that you’re doing is making your bathroom more personalized to reflect you. It is important to make sure that your bathroom upgrades are completed by trustworthy and professional home renovators.

Here are some ideas to enhance the look and use of your bathroom, without breaking the bank.  

Add the “wow” things

Spruce up your bathroom with some “wow” things that you find in online stores, retail stores, or even antique shops. These things can be anything such as an oddly-shaped or intricately-designed mirror, chrome accent shelves to hold a beautiful vase, copper towel bars, beaded boards, wainscoting, paint, or just about anything else that makes your bathroom different from the standard run-off-the-mill designs.  


A fresh coat of paint can add a lot of life when you update your bathroom. In fact, it’s a cost-effective way to update the way your bathroom looks. If your cupboards are stained, sand off the old paint, and apply an updated stain color. Also, smooth out any damages with fillers, apply a coat of primer, and finish off the a topcoat color of your choice.  

Organize your cabinets

If you’re always looking for something in your bathroom, then it’s time to organize your cabinets. Add pullout shelves to your cabinet to make it easy for you to store all your things in one place. Such shelves also make organizing easy, as you can allot one shelf for related items. A related bonus is that you’ll have better control over your supplies, so you won’t have to buy more of the things that you already have.  

Shower finish

Are you bored of staring at the same wall while taking your shower? Well, you don’t have to anymore. Add a few interesting tiles, such as a band of accent tiles, black liner tiles, or multi-colored ones if you want to spice up the bathroom wall, to adjoin the shower and vanity areas. This will update your bathroom with very little expense.  

Rustic appeal

To add some rustic appeal to your bathroom, shop for a wooden table at flea markets or antique stores and convert it into a stylish vanity. You can even add some plumbing to the top of the wooden table to mount a faucet. Also, consider adding a water-proof or moisture-proof paint to the table for a longer life. This table will also be handy to keep a vase or even essentials.  


Lighting is an often overlooked aspect of a bathroom, but it’s also the one that can completely change its feel without costing a lot of money for you. While shopping for light fixtures, look for something that’ll add a dramatic touch to your bathroom decor or something that would even give it a layered look.  


Just spending some money on the countertop can infuse a new breath of life to your bathroom. Choose a countertop that matches the wall colors and the overall theme of your bathroom, to ensure it blends well and gives a new aesthetic appeal. The above ideas are simple and cost-effective, and at the same time, can greatly alter the way your bathroom looks. If your budget is tight right now and you are looking for some financing options then be sure to check out what we have to offer here at Luxury Remodels Company.
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Small inexpensive changes can go a long way in making your bathroom more functional and beautiful...
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