April 22, 2020

5 Modern Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen

Modern Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen

A beautiful, spacious, and well-furnished kitchen gives a glimpse into the personified insight of the homeowners. We all see contemporary kitchens equipped with the latest fixtures and fittings, stylish tiling, and elegant cutlery and appliances in magazines, television, and even at homes of people we visit.

Getting a makeover of your kitchen is not a difficult task when you hire the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. Here, creativity and intelligence come in handy. In this article, we help you with 5 easy fixes to make your kitchen look more modern like the one you fantasize about.

Paint the Walls

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Repainting your kitchen walls with a more modern color can make a huge difference in the decor. Use soft, pastel shades to reinvigorate the ambiance of your kitchen; olive greens and pale yellows make excellent kitchen enamels.  Never go for a lacquer finish over paint for the kitchen. If your kitchen is comparatively bigger, then you can use a few darker shades like dark blue, royal blue, mid-tone purple, and deep red to paint the walls. Keep your decorations in mind too as they should complement the color of your kitchen walls.

Amend Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fitting are important when it comes to decorating the kitchen. If you have an island, consider purchasing a LED Kitchen Island Light Chandelier. Other items to consider updating would be drawer handles and knobs, cooker hoods, and kitchen accessories. If you’re looking for interior design experts in Scottsdale, Luxury Remodels Company can help.  Give them a call today.

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Restructure the Cabinets

Cabinets are a very prominent part of your kitchen and this would be the perfect time to upgrade cabinets. There are plenty of great ideas for updating your cabinets. Try removing the doors replace mirrors instead. Some other ideas include:
  • Veneer Wood
  • Lacquered
  • Floating Shelves
  • Stained Wood
  • Distressed Gun Metal Steel

Updated Lighting

You can get as creative as you wish with kitchen lighting. In fact, you can have several different lighting sets depending on activities taking place in your kitchen. If you are cooking at night, a bright light recessed set of lights would be perfect. An eat-in kitchen, soft cabinet lights are amazing for a great evening meal.  Another idea is a motion detector kickboard lighting kit.

kitchen remodeling scottsdale az

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Modify the Flooring

Broken tiles and unkempt flooring should never define your kitchen. This might be the perfect time to update your flooring. Flooring really brings your kitchen to life and there are so many options depending on your likes and requirements. A few ideas include:

  • Bamboo makes for an eco-friendly alternative
  • White or Gray Laminate
  • Natural Stone
  • Bright Vinyl
  • Wood or Marble porcelain tile
  • Waterproof vinyl plank flooring
  • Stained concrete
  • Terrazzo

Expand Your Kitchen Area

If you have a small kitchen and are looking to expand your kitchen area consider hiring Luxury Remodels Company who is hands down the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Scottsdale. Expanding the kitchen is a great idea to improve your space. Perhaps you’d like an island, more than 1 stove, or a food prep area. Maybe you simply want to open the space to include a dining area or room to accommodate family and friends.

Besides the above-mentioned tips to enhance the look and usefulness of your kitchen, don’t forget to hire professionals before attempting to update your kitchen.  Expert kitchen remodeling contractors are experienced, licensed, and have a wealth of knowledge to ensure you are completely happy with the results. In a DIY way, you can hire the services that can help you redesign and decorate your kitchen in a customized way. Even at a time when we are going through the Covid 19 situation, don’t hesitate to get on the phone with someone and discuss options, pricing, and discounts. You can contact Luxury Remodels at 480.550.8774 or fill out our free consultation form on our home page.

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