May 17, 2020

4 Significant Changes in Phoenix Kitchen Remodeling During Corona Virus

Phoenix kitchen remodeling during Corona Virus?

For most people, the duration of this pandemic is the first time you have been in the house for such a long time. This may have come with a realization that some parts of your home are not as perfect as you always thought they were. This, in turn, may bring about the need to make adjustments, major and minor, to make your home more comfortable.

Alternatively, your contemplation of undertaking renovation activities might be a result of having much time on your hands. Either way, since most of the work we do is considered essential, you can get a phoenix kitchen remodeling contractor to help you actualize the vision you have for your space.

Phoenix KItchen Remodeling

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Your kitchen is one of the most utilized parts of your home that you may consider remodeling. Luxury Remodels, company, a top-rated Phoenix home remodeling contractor will:
  • Make your kitchen more appealing
  • Boost the value of your home
  • Add more functionality to your kitchen
  • Make your kitchen more spacious
Even though kitchen remodeling is beneficial, it can be challenging to implement during this period of COVID-19. However, here at Luxury Remodels Company, we are working hard to ensure our clients still enjoy home remodeling services despite the current situation. We understand you may be spending most of your time at home; hence, we are striving to ensure it is comfortable through remodeling. We have also made a few changes internally to ensure both our contractors and clients are prepared and safe. The following areas have been improved to ensure everyone is knowledgeable and safe:
phoenix kitchen remodeling

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Since site-visitation might be reduced to the minimum, we ensure that communication channels are open and accessible. As knowledgeable phoenix kitchen remodeling contractors, we provide all the information you need from the onset so that expectations are understood and up-to-date information is available at all times.  We have made an extra effort to have a point person assigned to each project so that our clients always have access to talk to at any time. We want to avoid miscommunication on expectations, responsibility, and safety at all times.


Our contractors have always had safety measures in place so that will not change.  However, we now have introduced pieces of attire to ensure the safeguarding of everyone’s health. Also, in light of the recommendations on social distancing, the number of field workers has been reduced.


Every phoenix kitchen remodeling project has certain aspects that are done remotely to ensure that only necessary workers are at your home at the same time. For instance, our awesome Scottsdale interior designers can use our specialized software to help design your Phoenix kitchen or bathroom remodel while our project management team can use our proprietary software to ensure you are always updated on every aspect of your remodel.
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Since you receive updates from your point phoenix kitchen remodeling contractor, the official parts of the projects are faster. However, our service delivery time might be a bit longer than it would have been before the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, we are time-cautious and adhere to the time-frame provided in the quotation we give before the start of any project. Completing every project on time during this pandemic along with exceptional customer service is among our top priorities. These home remodeling adjustments during Covid19 apply to both interior and exterior projects. All clients must provide as much information as possible on the state of the home, especially if anyone is self-isolating. If you are thinking of a new Phoenix kitchen remodeling project or any other of our services, we are always available to help you at Luxury Remodels Company. We are a professional company that is certified with years of experience in home remodeling services. We have the highest number of 5-star ratings in the area.  Hire us today to experience top-notch home remodeling services.
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