Arizona Electrical Remodeling

Almost every Arizona home needs a electrical remodeling at some time during its life because the guidelines on electrical wiring get updated from time to time, and all homeowners have to adhere to these guidelines. Also, the changing nature of appliances and technological gadgets necessitate a certain amount and type of electrical power, and this may require some changes to the electrical infrastructure. At times, you are sure to need additional outlets to plug-in more devices, and this requires some rewiring work.

If you’re looking to upgrade or add your Arizona electrical infrastructure, you’re better off leaving it to professionals like us because we have the experience and expertise to handle these dangerous wires. Moreover, we stay on top of the latest guidelines, so you can rest assured that our remodel would comply with the latest regulations.

Here are some reasons why you should choose a professional company like Luxury Remodels Company for your electrical remodeling needs.

Illegal and dangerous wiring

Some wiring are illegal while others are dangerous, so it’s important to avoid them all. It’s important for electrical contractors to know the building codes before even beginning work.

At Luxury Remodels Company, all our electrical contractors are thorough with the National Electrical Code that lays out the minimum requirements needed for safe installation. Also, they check with the local building codes before deciding the wiring process.

Voltage and line are different

Voltage and line should be kept apart to avoid interferences in communication and electronics. In fact, any un-insulated contact between the two or even an overcrowded box can even lead to a fire. Since our electrical contractors are experienced, they know how to wire your home for safety and comfort.

Choosing fixtures

Choosing the right electrical fixtures is a key aspect of remodeling, and this is why our experienced designers work with you to identify the fixtures that match your decor and personal choices.

If you have questions or want to start an electrical remodeling, reach out to us today.

We service Arizona including Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas.

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I was hesitant about utilizing a company to do my electrical remodeling for me, but I lucked out when I choose the Luxury Remodels Company as they did a great job! Thanks!…. 

Henry, Peoria, AZ

With four teenagers in the house there is no way we could get away from home automation. The Luxury Remodels Company did this for us in a most impressive manner…thank you for your great service…

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